Monday, 1 September 2014

What I look forward from Intership at Youthopia

One thing a writer requires is time, time and more time. Creative process is a lot less fun and impulsive and more work and discipline. If you don’t sit your butt down in that chair and rid yourself of all online distractions, nothing is going to pour out of that lazy brain.
Writers do have their eureka moments, but they are so rare, you might as well grow up, marry, produce kids and die if you wait around for too long.
I’ve done internships where I needed to do just that. Sit and force my brain to produce. And I did. Every morning for the first four hours I squinted at the computer and almost flung my fingers furiously over the keyboard. And then, I was drained. By lunch time my back ached and head throbbed, screaming it’d had enough.
The thing was, every morning my mind, all rested and fed, was ready to run a marathon of words. And that was also how I worked in general. I finished off my work in half the time allotted to me and it consumed me and ripped me off of all my energy that I was supposed to use sparingly throughout the day.

But no one understood my problem or needs. So I slogged off the remaining day staring at the computer and pretending to edit my ready posts.

When I came across Youthopia internship, the one thing that stuck out for me was the time and freedom they gave us.
I have a week to work and perfect one post. That ensures ample of time to work when and how it suits me. Besides, I’d receive help from experts to guide me through. And most importantly, it gives me the liberty to set my mind free to express whatever ish it wants to.
So it was an opportunity I grabbed with both my hands. And I also thank the team for selecting me.
What I plan on giving back are articles churned out to the best of my ability. And since they’re giving me all the time in the world and such freedom, I’ll try my best to keep our magazine name tall.
My plan for next three months is first researching about the topic given to me, forming my own opinions over it, hurling whatever comes to my mind on the computer and then re-writing and re-writing and editing till it all makes sense and is worth reading. There are also a lot of topics I’ve never given much thought to before, so I’m hoping my grey cells will expand while soaking in the new knowledge that I’ll acquire while working over it.
Hopefully, it'll all be worth it by the end of the three months!