Thursday, 3 April 2014

Why this blog name?

There are numerous reasons why I chose ‘rainbows and dewdrops’ as a name for my blog.

I’m passionate about a lot of dissimilar things. I have views on social issues, new discoveries, Bollywood, new food joints, books that I read, that four-letter troublesome word love, music, my little writing experiments and on. I couldn’t tie them all in one word that made sense.

Then, over a phone call, my dad came up with ‘rainbow’. Apparently, rainbow depicts variety. So like those seven distinct colors, I could present my scattered observations/rants/ short stories (like rainbow, multi-faceted)/random poems (like dewdrops, tender and tiny) under one roof, merely separated by labels.

Sounds fine, right?

Now another interpretation of that title, unlike the one Dad gave, is its indirect connection with our lives. We have these rainbow moments, glorious and evident, that stick out in our face and dance. And at times, dewdrop moments. You’ve to look closer to find beauty in those jiffies of happiness. So if buying an I-phone is a rainbow moment, buying a cute cover for it is a dewdrop.

Besides, dewdrops also speak for tears.

Better, I guess?

But the final reason, and probably the truest of all is that, let’s face it. That name sounds musical. Like the clinking of wind chimes.

No matter how old I get, I’ll always love fairytales, hugging a giant teddy bear when I see it, strolling around pretty stationery section at a super market just because everything in there is vibrant, watching Disney animated movies and reading books like Harry Potter and HSM stories from East High. So it was only a matter of time until I named my blog that reminded me of my childhood and all things pretty.

To sum it up, I like the sight and sound of rainbows and dewdrops. SO that was my final choice.

Ps: the names I thought of before Dad gave me my Eureka moment were: life in a retrospect (I know. Sounds like a blog of a fifty year old), Booktique (Taken!), Personal Archives, Nerd World, In the name of Geeks. Meh.

Though, if any of you like any of these names (maybe because they suit your blog ideas better) you’re free to use them.