Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Accidental Discovery #2 If only (movie)

It’s a story about a guy who loves his girl friend, but takes what he has for granted. And then loses her in the blink of an eye. Just as his life turns into a wreck, fate gives him another chance— to live the last day he (didn’t) spent with her, again.

Jenifer Love Hewitt aka Emily is beautiful chirpy violin player and a singer. She is a girl next door who loves her guy as much she loves her work. She maintains a diary, lives in the moment, finds happiness in little things in life and values relations (all type of, be it with friends, students, partner or her parents) and is open about the love she has for all. The character isn’t overdone or perfect, and Emily isn’t a goody two shoes always morally right. Which makes her immensely real.

Paul Nicholas aka Peter is a handsome British business guy who works for a finance company.

The story stars on a lighter note with the couple just hanging out at their apartment. As the story unfolds, we learn that Peter is a futuristic, money minded guy who has his priorities set. For him work always comes first. And with that attitude, he tends to overlook major details about Emily’s life. Like her graduation and big musical performance. He is a loyal person to be with, but isn’t the type to pause and breathe the air for a second.

That is until he loses what he has. In a car accident he loses Emily and is forced to look into his life. He realises he’s been ignoring the one person who gave meaning to his life. And as fate might have it, Peter gets to live the last day with her again.

My thoughts:

The film moves you and the dialogues and acting are its highlights. What steals the show though is the story presented in a subtly outstanding way, the screen writing and editing. It remains focused on our two main characters and there is no unnecessary watering to side characters which keeps you hooked for every second of it.

So this is surely one of those movies that make you forget time. It almost flies by and takes you along with it.

The songs could have been better though. But otherwise, it’s worth an hour and half of your time.